Artistic impression of Vertica in day view

The Landmark Vertica redefines the standards of lifestyle living for the residents of chennai It is integration of materials and lofty aspirations, together with immaculate planning to create a stellar architectural structure.

Take a leap with the way you live, and the way you entertain. Life takes a new turn… for the vertical.. with The Landmark Vertica, Welcome to a new level of luxury, an elevated lifestyle which matches with your aspirations and your social standing/ Offering a limited edition luxury to just 82 residents, choose from a spacious 3-bed Unit ( 2250 sq.ft) or a super spacious 4 bed Duplex unit ( 3750 sq.ft ).

Listen to your heart as the sights draw you closer. An attraction that brings delighted frission stirred by the discovery that you have finally arrived. In life… and to a new lifestyle !

An arrival to a home that is embraced with the imagination of perfection, a home with an architecture that lets you believe there is paradise on earth.